Planet Party Rentals provides jumpers for rent. We have two models the Jumper Castle and the Jumper Farmhouse. The Sizes of the Jumpers are 10ft tall and have a 13ft by 13ft base (You will need at least 14ft by 14ft of space to setup a jumper). In order to secure the Jumper/Bouncer we hold down the jumper with stakes or sandbags depending on the area in which the the Jumper/Bouncer is placed on. The Jumpers/Bouncers are cleaned after each rental in order to provide quality rental service. Delivery is included with the rental of Jumper/Bouncer. Call today and reserve your Jumper/Bouncer for your next event. (818) 207 8502

Jumper Packages Rental Price
Jumper/ Bouncer $65.00
Tables and Chairs Rental Price
Chair (Plastic White Chair) 0.65
Rectangular Table (6ft by 3ft) $5.00
Round Table (60") $10.00
Table Cloths, Diamonds (Runners) *Does Not Include Table Rental Price
Table Cloth (White or Black) for Rectangular Table $4.00
Table Cloth (White or Black) and Diamond (Various Colors) for Rectangular Table $5.00
Table Cloth (White or Black) for Round Table $6.00
Table Cloth (White or Black) and Diamond (Various Colors) for Round Table $7.00
Chafing Dishes Equipment Rental Price
Chafing Dish includes 2 Chafing Fuels $15.00
Patio Heater Requipment Rental Price
Outdoor Patio heater includes Propane Gas tank $60.00
Jumper Bouncer Equipment Rental price
Jumper Bouncer Castle or Farmhouse $65.00