Jumpers/Bouncers | Prices and Pictures Tel: 818 207 8502

Planet Party Rentals provides jumpers for rent. We have two models the Jumper Castle and the Jumper Farmhouse. The Sizes of the Jumpers are 10ft tall and have a 13ft by 13ft base (You will need at least 14ft by 14ft of space to setup a jumper). In order to secure the Jumper/Bouncer we hold down the jumper with stakes or sandbags depending on the area in which the the Jumper/Bouncer is placed on. The Jumpers/Bouncers are cleaned after each rental in order to provide quality rental service.

Call today and reserve your Jumper/Bouncer for your next event. (818) 207 8502

The rental of the Jumper is for the entire day.

Jumper Rental Price
1 Jumper $65.00




Castle Jumper (Height: 10ft / Length 13ft / Width 13ft)

Farmhouse Jumper (Height: 9ft / Length 13ft / Width 13ft)